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What Keywords should I use ??

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Hello there, I have a query , can anybody help me out, I want to choose a keyword to optimize and need to know how, please read it ;;

just suppose I provide the services of dental health department then what keywords should I use ?Wh

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Re: What Keywords should I use ??

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You can use exact and phrase keywords that would result in more better optimization
You can use keyword Planner to know keywords related to dental health
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Re: What Keywords should I use ??

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Hi Rohit, Welcome to the AdWords Community!


The kind of keywords that you need to use are the words that you think a potential customer may type into Google Search when they want to find services like yours.


For example, if you are a dentist providing emergency dental services, then you will have to use keywords like "Emergency Dentist" or "Emergency dental care", etc. 


Additionally, AdWords allows you to choose how the keywords can match the user's search term. These controls, called Keyword Match types can help you regulate your Ad's impressions and make sure that your ads are served only to the most relevant searches. I highly recommend that you use the right keyword match types from the beginning.  


Please find more information about Keyword Match types in this article. 


Once you have identified a set of basic keywords that your ads can be served for, you can research for more keywords using the Keyword Planner which is available in the AdWords interface. 


More useful reading on choosing good keywords:


Good luck with your campaigns!