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Website with no dedicated landing pages

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In regards to Adwords search


I have practiced and have had success with creating

ad groups that match keywords,

keywords that match ads

ads that match landing pages.


However, how do you deal with a website for a hospital that wants all its services in different campaigns but doesn't have a dedicated landing page for each service they offer??





Website with no dedicated landing pages

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The best approach is to not allow clients to determine account structure. If you have to create a specific structure, then just use the best performing landing page for all the ads.


Website with no dedicated landing pages

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I phrased my initial question incorrectly. 


I thought best best practice was to create dedicated campaigns for each service. The desicion to do that was mine. 


So my my question is. If the hospital offers different cancer treatments. Such as:



breadt cancer

lung cancer



but does not have dedicated landing pages- all of those treatments are outlined in one webpage. How do I deal with that?


do I just settle and have all my ads for all capaigns lead that that one page?




Re: Website with no dedicated landing pages

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Hi @Hector C


In your case, there are many treatments in Cancer Care as you have mentioned like melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer etc.


There are two things:


1) If your main focus is on Lung Cancer or Breast Cancer, then only you need a separate landing page to focus the selected specialty.


2) If you are focusing on all Cancer Care treatment, then it will be better if focus the main Cancer Care landing page where you have defined all the treatments related to Cancer. But again if you have a very good budget and you can spend separately on each cancer treatments, then create landing pages for each otherwise it's ok to go with Cancer Treatment page.


Hope this will help.