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We are not showing up in searches on Google merchant center

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Our product feed in Google Merchant Center is showing up as valid and most of our products are listed as searchable but we are not showing up on google shopping.  We do have an Adwords account and have a few select items listed as Product Listing Ads.  Do all of our products need to have Product Listing Ads to show up on google shopping?

Re: We are not showing up in searches on Google merchant center

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Hi Brenda,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your ads showing up on Google shopping.

Lets double check to make sure you have it set-up properly:

1.) Setup a Google Merchant Center account and create a feed of all online products, which you will submit to Google Merchant Center.
2.) Link your Google Merchant Center Account with AdWords within the Google Merchant Center interface.
3.) Create a Product Listing Ads campaign in AdWords. Do NOT create ads or insert keywords.
4.) Link Your Google Merchant Center product feed via AdWords Product Ad Extensions settings.
5.) Setup an 'Auto Target > Product Target' which specifies the products you want to advertise. You can add all products or setup a filter based on Product Type, Brand, Condition, AdWords Label, and AdWords Grouping. I believe you can setup three filters per ad group.
6.) Set appropriate bids at the ad group level and daily budget at the campaign level.

Have you tried the unique URL that Google provides after submitting a feed in order to see if it works:[MERCHANT CENTER ACCOUNT NUMBER]
For Example -

It might be worth a try to increase your CPC. Might be worth increasing this as well as your daily budget to at least test. Are impressions being generated for your PLA campaign?

Another option is to try the new 'Set Up Product Listing Ads Campaign' feature within Google Merchant Center. When logging into your Merchant Center account, navigate to the Settings link > AdWords > there should be a call to action to 'Set Up Product Listing Ads Campaign'. Follow this video's step-by-step instructions. This may also help trouble-shoot your AdWords campaign as it informs on how to setup as well.

Let me know if this helps.


Stefan Martinez

Stefan Martinez
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