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Viewing Campaign Summary Stats Based Only On Active Items

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So, silly question.


I have an campaign that has received something like 45K impressions over "all time." (with a really lame CTR of  something like .38%)


I overhauled the campaign a while ago to tighten its targeting. 


In doing so, I paused and removed a lot of the old/legacy ad groups in the campaign.


The new setup is performing substantially better, attracting far less traffic, while achieving a CTR >5%. 


BUT... when I look at the campaign summary, it is still polluted by the old data (showing the full 45K impressions and a CTR of <1%).


Is there a way to adjust the campaign dashboard so that it still reflects "all time," BUT ONLY for what is currently active???


In other words, how do I stop the data from paused/removed adgroups from being factored into my campaign summary stats?



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Re: Viewing Campaign Summary Stats Based Only On Active Items

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I think if you scroll down to the bottom of the summary pages (campaigns, adgroups, keywords) pages you should be able to see a line item for all enabled that should reflect the CTR of the keywords currently enabled in the account. There will also be a line item for 'all' that reflects the CTR for the paused and enabled for a given date range.

Hope that helps.


Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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Re: Viewing Campaign Summary Stats Based Only On Active Items

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Yeah. Thanks. Knew that was there, but not exactly what I need.

Those stats would reflect the aggregates across all campaigns.

It would be fine if I really only wanted to see one campaign at a time (filter down to one, then the next, then the next).

But what I really want is a consolidated table of data showing me the stats for EACH campaign, where the data is based only on active adgroups.