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Very specific questions for Adwords for niche startup

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I'm completely new to Adwords and overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge out there and can't figure out a direction. We launch in 2 months and need to figure out how our Adwords campaigns will run for launch and beyond. For examples sake, we are a chat platform for the publishing industry so are marketing to other businesses. Our name is PubChat. Here's two direct questions:

Question 1: We hope to get press coverage so want some branded keyword ads so when people search for us our ads show up. In the set up of the ad, is the following correct: -Separate Ad Group for Branded Keywords -Use EXACT match for only the following keywords: pubchat, pub chat, pubchat platform, pub chat platform -I'm targeting Search Networks only and selected "I'll manually set my bids for clicks" and chose a limit per day of $50 just to see how that fares and make changes as the ads go on each day. NO idea how much to pay for cpc. Any recommendations?

Is this a correct set up for brand only ad group? It only consists of a few keywords. Do I need to ad things like "chat platform" etc?

Secondly, if I have three categories of ad types that has their own associated list of keywords, I'm creating three different ad groups with different keywords. Do I use the same bidding strategy? When do I use exact or broad match.

I appreciate your advice to these specific questions.

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Re: Very specific questions for Adwords for niche startup

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Community Manager

Hi there,


Thanks for posting to the Community! To answer your questions:


1) Your set-up sounds good; just make sure you only set a daily budget you would be comfortable spending. If you are a brand-new start-up I don't think you'll spend the entire daily budget, but do keep an eye on it!


I would stick to just your branded terms for a branded campaign.


You may be able to find cost per click estimates by using the Keyword Planner tool (Tools > Keyword Planner), but if there's not much search volume yet, you could start with a bid of $1-$2 and go from there.


2) Yes, I recommend the same bidding strategy to begin with. You should also take a look at other match types available--I'm a fan of broad match modifier and phrase match over broad match or exact match (since those are the extremes on the spectrum).


Hope this helps!