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Valid clicks?

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I wish to know how can i get valid clicks for my ads? I tried keywords and negative keywords but it is not working. I am getting more than 120 clicks but not a single conversion or sale. I understand that Google is also tracking invalid clicks on behalf of its advertisers but it just did not help in my case - i am still getting heavy number of clicks with no eventual conversion.




Re: Valid clicks?

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Hi Yap,

Welcome to the community. Based on your query, I have certain questions.

1) How are you measuring your conversions?
2) Do you have a dedicated landing page for your visitors?
3) What type of keyword match are your using?
4) Does your ad copy initiates any call to action?
5) Are you using analytics to track bounce rate if your landing page, if any?
6) How frequently are you working on your campaign?
7) Does your ad copy simulates your landing page message?

Answers to these queries are very important to come to any conclusion. Please try to review your campaign once again and make necessary changes to get better results.

I hope this helps.
Kapil M

Re: Valid clicks?

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Hi Yap,

To avoid getting irrelevant search queries, follow below steps to get soon on the right track:
a) Pause all generic keywords (one or two word key phrases).
b) Try with long tail keywords relevant to your business. Initially, Try with Exact match keywords.
d) Add new keywords based on your location. Suppose, you are offering services in California region. Thus you can divide it down to all cities comes under California.

keyword + los angeles
keyword + san jose
keyword + san francisco

Also, Don't forget to review the other parts of the account as suggested by Kapil M.

Ankit Kapoor