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I have a very small business researching/producing Family Trees and have avoided Adwords in the past because I do not require and cannot manage high volumes of work ie. maximum 10 - 20 orders per month.

My website has been running for more than one year and visitors remain in double figures.

SEO Companies appear to be geared to large accounts and costs are prohibitive.

Would Adwords be a suitable and cost effective method for driving traffic to my website?

Could Adwords be set up for start/stop campaigns thus limiting costs and volume of orders?

Any input would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Graham,


Adwords is an effective advertising platform where the advertisers have the freedom to choose whichever daily budget they want and how much they want to bid on the particular terms or domains they want to target.


You should look at the Adwords as an effective online solution which can provide you quality traffic if you work on it based on the guidelines mentioned. 


Read this PDF to start as a beginner:


You can also subscribe to the Official Google Business Channel on You Tube:


Also go through the Adwords Community User Articles:


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it sounds as if the things you do are extremely personalized in quality - and whilst your capacity is small, you do know a lot about what you do and who you serve.

More importantly, you know WHY someone needs your service, you know who your best kinds of customer are and you know how to speak to them. You also have a good idea where they come from geographically.

So: let's do some reverse-engineering. You may (or may not) know where your best leads come from. Even generally - a district, city or one half of a country may well be enough. You can refine it later as you learn more.

You know what they want, and can speak to them. Your ad needs to be termed in language that intrigues them, makes them want to know more - and find out on your landing page. A newsletter should be available for those who don't want to buy this week.

The other issue is that you may have too many clicks - well, either refine your targeting or just turn off the campaign after the second week of the month ... or tell them you're booked and they can sign up for December/January/etc. That way you can have (say) 10 leads waiting for next month - after all, Family Trees aren't the sort of thing you need yesterday.

Remember once you've got a waiting list you can ... umm ... put your prices up 25% and not worry that you'll lose too many subscribers!

Does this help - and please if you have any questions, do ask. But my answer in short is, yes, Adwords would be very effective indeed.