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Using google adwords before creating an ad

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Hey all,


I am trying to create an adwords account so that I have access to keyword planner. The problem is that I am not prepared to start paying for an ad just yet, I want to use the planner to come up with content that I can then use to make ads. Is there a way to sign up for an adwords account to use keyword planner without creating an ad? I cannot find a way to do so.





Using google adwords before creating an ad

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Hi Spencer.

Yes you can use Keyword Planner with out creating a ad.

Steps To Follow :


1. Open

2.Click Start Now

3. Click on "Skip the guided setup".

4.Select Country,Timezone and Currency (Click Save and Continue)

5.Select Tools From TAB menu

6.Then select Keyword Planner from the list.


Just Follow these steps .. Then keyword planner is all yours Smiley Happy


Using google adwords before creating an ad

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What @Gs s says is correct, however you may find there are some restrictions in the keyword planner, compared to what you were expecting.


During Q3 2016 Google had to make a change to the keyword planning tool due to misuse. Accounts that are below a spending threshold per month are only able to see limited search volume information.
You can also use Google Trends to research a subject, discover search terms, and get traffic estimates.