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Unwanted Advertisements on my FB.

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I am not a tech person.  I like to read my emails, catch up with my friends on Facebook..., Use Google Search for everything I want to look my banking, What do I have to do to get rid of these advertisements????  It was tolerable when they were onthe far right and I could chose, if any, look at what interested me.  But this crazy ads overtaking my FB page....I cannot X them out...and they cover what I am reading...I have always stuck with Google but if this keeps up, I will find a way out.  I do not own a TV......gave it up because the advertising was meant for people with no sense, no brain.  Same ads over and over on the commercials.....And MOST commercials were just **bleep**ing stupid.  The only one I could live with is the little green guy for GEICO.  I miss him now that I no longer watch TV.  Years ago the best one was a FEDEX ad wth cavemen.....I now enjoy that on YouTube.  Google....give your head a shake and drop the "we are the best and our fans with stay with us" matter what we do.  Your competition is growning and looking pretty good right now.  


"A" Google Girl right from the start.!!!!


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Re: Unwanted Advertisements on my FB.

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Hi Jacqueline.
Sounds to me like you've got some malware/virus on your machine.
Google doesn't advertise on Facebook. AdWords advertisers cannot have their ads show on Facebook either (not really).

Google's search ads are also very unobtrusive. They go to a lot of effort to make sure that ads don't get in the way of content.

What you are describing sounds exactly like malware/adware. I'd have someone who knows about computers have a look at your machine and clean it up.

Finally, if there's nothing wrong with your machine and it is Facebook ads that are annoying you, I think you'd be better off contacting Facebook. Otherwise it would be like me complaining to Wallmart that the target shopping carts are too squeaky Smiley Happy

Hope you get your problem resolved. If you need any more help, let me know.