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Unlink Adwords / Analytics

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   Hy there,


    I have an Adwords account that was linked with an Analytics account for website A. Website A had the analytics account changed and now, has a new account for analytics. Now, on Adwords, the Analytics account linked is the old one that has no conversion data and no tracking. 

    I want to unlink old analytics account from adwords and add the new one.

    Problem is that even if i followed the official instructions, i can`t manage to unlink accounts. On new analytics account for website A gives me the message that i have access to another Adwords account. 

    The question is : 


        How can i completely unlink Adwords from any Analytics account ?

        How can i completely unlink Analytics from any Adwords account ? 


  So i can star from scratch.


    Thank you !

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Re: Unlink Adwords / Analytics

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Have you tried the instruction on following link ?

If yes what went wrong?

Unlink Adwords / Analytics

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I followed instructions on that link. The account are no longer linked and I have turned the linking on and off and yet the campaigns are from the other accounts are still visible. 



Unlink Adwords / Analytics

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Hi @Boldis L & @Tracey F


Kindly try the below instructions:


1.  You have to Log in with existing Gmail account and open AdWords. Then go to the My Account > Account Access > +Users to invite new Gmail as a user in the Account.

2.  After completing the above, Log out to the current account and go to your Google homepage then log in as new Gmail account. Open your Gmail and accept the invite.

3.  After the second step, go to the old AdWords Account Access section again where you should now be able to grant access to new Gmail account.   

4.  Now you have to log in with new Gmail account. After login, go to Account Access and, under "Actions" alongside the entry for Old Gmail Account choose "Terminate Access".

Once all this is done, if you now log in with your old Gmail account, you should find that AdWords no longer appears on your list.


Hope this will help.