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URL encoding

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I'm adding dynamic parameters in my Destination URL for my ads, but in the URL that is being passed to the page, some parameters have the special characters encoded, and some don't. Please explain. I need the parameters I've added to show the "=" and not "%3D", for example.


Here's one that I'm seeing...


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Re: URL encoding

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Hi Jeremy,

I can not see "3%D" in URL. Yes "q=call%20tracking" is in URL. Because, URL does not pass UTM parameter with space. So it automatically change SPACE into "%20".
Here your query is "call tracking".
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: URL encoding

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If you right-click, and copy link address, then past in Notepad, you'll see at the end of the URL string "%26kw%3DCall%2520Tracking%26q%3Dcall%2520tracking"

So, because of these parameters being encoded like this, the parameter values aren't getting passed into my system. So, I don't understand why the parameters at the beginning of the string are encoded correctly, and the ones at the end are not.

Re: URL encoding

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Badged Google Partner

Are you creating the UTM tracking code yourself? or is it provided for you?

Anytime there is a space, ASCII trash is added to convert that space with the %20 to fill the space of the void. Like @Raskeh Kumar mentioned above.

www.checkthisout/Jeremy F?q=UTM...

The space between Jeremy and the F would be filled with the %20. or other ASCII characters

Editing out the trash here the url could be: 3DCall_Tracking_ 3Dcall_tracking

I have used that as a work around in the past, or added my own UTM Codes where there was no space between the Identifying word. They messed up by having a Blank Space between 3DCall and Tracking.

Should have been either:

try either creating a new UTM or edit out the trash and use the Underscore.

Hope that helps

Re: URL encoding

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Hi Jeremy F,

Everything here looks as it should. The %3D should not show in the URL unless and = is part or the day. In this case is does not appear to be so.
petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: URL encoding

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It's not just the space and It's not 3DCallTracking. the "%3D" in the URL is the "&"
Again, it should be something like "kw=Call-Tracking" but instead it's coming through as "%26kw%3DCall%2520Tracking"

If you look at the original link I included, the "=" and "&" characters are all correct until the end of the URL string. Why is that?

I'm using the ValueTrack parameters from google when creating Adwords Destination URL. So, in the destination I'm including "&kw={keyword}", which, as you can see in my original included link is now getting changed to "%26kw%3DCall%2520Tracking"