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Two short tests

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My wife and I publish cruising guides for boaters along the coasts of Washington state and British Columbia. They are downloadable ebooks designed for iPad and Android tablets, but are viewable on any PC, laptop or phone, as well.


We currently have three, which we sell for $5 each. By the end of the year, we will have two more, which we will also sell for $5 each, or a bundle of all five for $20. We currently advertise in regional boating magazines.

We are new to AdWords and have tried two short experiments.


In one campaign, we advertised one of the guides to BC and WA over the display and search networks. The introductory info suggests 20-25 keywords, but we tried about 80, naming many of the anchorages in the pages of that one guide.


We budgeted $5/day, and $0.50 per click given the low cost of our guides. $5/day works out to be about the same as we pay on average for a small ad in the regional boating magazines, with circulations of 25,000-35,000.


In a few days we had 2,336 impressions and 13 clicks at a total cost of $4.78. But far less than the $5/day budgeted.


In the second test, we focused on the same geographical area, but built an ad to sell all the guides. We trimmed our keywords to about 25 more general keywords such as "Puget Sound cruising guide" while dropping the more specific "Friday Harbor anchorage". Same budget, same cost per click.


In a week, the second campaign has had 374 impressions and zero clicks. We are being outbid consistently for the general keywords, by cruising guides and others who charge far more for their product, even though it is about half as good as ours.


So this is what I am thinking: Advertise the three guides in one ad. Use at least 500-600 keywords which name the many anchorages and marinas in our guides. I would keep the same budget.


I just think that we shouldn't worry about the general keywords. Let others have them. We will focus on the most specific. Any thoughts?


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Re: Two short tests

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Hi Jim,

Welcome to the Community.

I will try my best to help you out here.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you first attempt at the AdWords campaign lead to a total spends of approx $4.50 - $5 and the second campaign did not record any clicks.

So your thought to add more keywords to the campaigns is right here but you need to do this smartly. You cannot add a whole bunch of keywords and start targeting your TG.

Follow these steps to get your campaign right first:

1. Narrow down on the location(s) you wish to target
2. Understand your TG, the age group that they belong to, their mind set when it comes to searching for your services or products
3. Translate this learnings into your account in the form of Keyword Targeting on Search
4. Use the Keyword tool to look for relevant keyword themes that you can add to your account. Read more on Keyword tool here:
5. Try and use matchtypes with your keywords. Matchtypes allow you to control your visibility and possibly sharpen it enough to target your exact TG. Read on Matchtypes here:
6. You want to try and expand your budget and add more daily budget to your campaigns. You could be losing out on visibility because of lower budgets. You can understand this by adding the column of 'Impression Share Lost due to Rank or Budget' to your campaigns tab.
Read more on Impression Shares here:

Do a check with these points and see if you can improve on your current campaigns in any way.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Two short tests

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Thank you, I will read the links you suggested.

I understand the reason you suggest increasing my budget, however given what I have read about the percentage of those who click versus the percentage who buy I might have to increase the cost of my e-book to make it feasible.

For that reason, AdWords might not be for me, but I will keep trying to make it work.