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Two different sites - same market - how to set up the ads?

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Hi All,


I have a number of businesses that all work in similar markets in the same target area - but they are targeting just very slightly different demographics between the different websites.


I'd like to have a budget for each campaign, but I am worried that they may be competing against each other, in other words costing us more money to advertise our products when in fairness either one or the other ad would suffice for display....


Whats the best way that I should do this? Should I have two different campaigns under the same adwords account with two separate budgets? Or is there a way to have one budget for the combined sites as a whole and will adwords show one or the other advert? 


Thanks for your helps in advance.  

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Re: Two different sites - same market - how to set up the ads?

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Hi @Paul W if you're operating within a single Account then there's really no risk of spending more money than necessary since AdWords itself will only show one Ad from all those possible within your Account.  So, for example, if you have "red shoes" as a Keyword in a Campaign for and [red shoes] as a Keyword in a Campaign for then both these Keywords could match to a search query for "red shoes", but only one Ad will show (and it will usually be the one that costs the least).


So, in theory, you can just build your Campaigns as you see fit and not worry about which Ad is served since Google will make that decision for you.


However, Google's decisions may not match your needs, so if possible you should try and differentiate the Keywords, Ads and landing pages so that the choices are more logical.  How you do this will depend upon the nature of your business, your area and your demographics, but for example you might be able to pull Search Query data that shows one particular query matches one site better than another, and could then specifically add that to a Campaign for that site.


If demographics is the key factor, have you considered (or are you using) the Display network?  The Display network would allow you to use demographics as a targeting method and might help with this process.



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