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Two customer id's

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I started the process for my first adwords campaign, with my email address, not knowing the company already had an account. The companies account has now been shared with me but of course, my email is already being used. I have not yet finished the "Get Started" process, and want to close the account I created, and use only the companies account that has now been shared. 


How do I disassociate the previous account to my email and run with the new one? 

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Re: Two customer id's

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Hi Chantelle,

Thanks for coming to the AdWords community. Every AdWords account (even a new one) has to have an email address associated with it. If you're to the point where it is asking you to create a new campaign or add billing info, that's perfect. You don't need to do either of those things, though, just finish registration. Then you need to create a new email address through gmail. This is a throw-away address that you won't plan to use in the future. Invite it to the account, accept the invitation through the new email, and confirm it through your current login. Make sure the new email has admin access. Once you have two emails associated to the account, you can remove one. You can do this by logging into the account through your new email address, going to user management and terminating access for your actual email address.

The bottom line is, there always has to be at least one email address associated to an account.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Two customer id's

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Here's a nice article with step by step instructions.



Sumanth Sridhar