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Two Campaigns Matching Same Search Term = How Best To Handle

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I have two campaigns both with same location targets and location intent match option turned off.  One campaign is targeting keywords without the location name, the other is targeting the same keywords but with location name so that I can put the location name in the Ad Title.  Both use phrase and broad match.


So both would match the search for "chicago widgets"  But I only want the campaign with the location specific ads to show the ad.  Will Google match the more specific keyword match of "chicago widgets" instead of just "widgets" even if the bid is lower or do I need to add negative keywords to the less specific campaign for all the location names?  I can't add the city locations as excluded locations as then someone in Chicago would not see the ad if they just typed "widgets"


I just want to make sure the more specific campaign is always displayed and the two campaigns are competing against each other.

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Re: Two Campaigns Matching Same Search Term = How Best To Handle

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Hi @Jeff C generally speaking, AdWords will always use the Keyword that most closely matches the entered search term, so if you have Keywords "widgets" and "chicago widgets", and the search term is "chicago widgets", in theory the matched Keyword should be "chicago widgets".


However, as you've noted, things like CPC and Quality Score can come into play. If "chicago widgets" is more expensive for the same position as "widgets", AdWords could match against the "widgets" Keyword but if your Ads are highly specific (e.g. they include the word "Chicago"), they will likely cause a higher QS for the "chicago widgets" Keyword, so that might still win.

In short, most of the time AdWords will match the closest Keyword, where there is some leeway, how good your Ads and landing pages are may have an impact.

There's more about the process here:



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