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Two AdWords Conversion Code

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Hello Everyone,


I have one Thank You Page and Google AdWords Conversion code is already present on this page for previous campaign created by someone else. So, My question, I have created a new campaign with some old & new keywords with same landing page and again thank you page is same, so if I setup a new conversion code and paste this code on same thank you page is already have a previous adwords tracking code for old campaign then it Google AdWords will track conversions for newly setup conversion code or not ? Or should I need to remove previous google adwords tracking code from the thank you page?


Let me make my question more simple. Can I have TWO AdWords Conversion Code in Same Thank You Page at Same time ? If  i don't  remove previous conversion code and I will add one more code for my new campaign then it will count conversion for both previous code & new code or not ? One conversion is already setup with name of submitted info & new conversion code is Thank You Page  so if any user signup then it should show conversion for both conversions setup correct?


Please reply.







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Re: Two AdWords Conversion Code

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Hello Deepak,


Welcome to the community.


If you keep the old conversion tracking code along with your new one then you will effectively double the number of 'true' conversions. 


In your situation I would either remove the original conversion tracking code and use your new one or just use the original conversion tracking code on its own. Is there a reason that you want both sets of conversion tracking code running for the same "thank you" page?

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Two AdWords Conversion Code

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Hi Deepak,


The only reason to have more than one set of the conversion code is if you are receiving traffic from more than one AdWords account. In that case you would need conversion code from each account that sends you traffic for proper conversion tracking. In this case, traffic is coming from only one account, so you  only n4eed the code on the page once.


Best of Luck!




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