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Trying to setup Managed Placements on Display Network.

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Hi there,


I set up a campaign on Display Network although it's not working.


Below I am sharing options of my campaign:


Display Network - All features

Devices - All

Locations- USA

Language- English

Focus on clicks, Auto bidding, CPC bid limit: 1 USD

Budget: 10 USD/day


Display Network tab:


Display keywords:

istanbul tourism

istanbul travel agency 





Some 12 websites listed. Topics, Interests, Gender and Age sections are blank. 


My ads are not running, for now it says: This ad is not eligible to run on the search network. 


Apparently I am missing something, could you please help/advice what to do?




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Re: Trying to setup Managed Placements on Display Network.

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First, I wouldn't be too concerned about the message you saw. You're targeting the Display network, so your ads not being eligible to show on Search is not a problem. (I would, however, encourage you to check the Campaign Settings tab to make sure that you didn't accidentally check the search networks option for ad serving.)


When you say "it's not working" I assume you mean your ads are not accumulating performance data?  How long have your ads been up and have they made it through the approval process yet?

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Re: Trying to setup Managed Placements on Display Network.

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In my experience the AdWords system works slower and more unpredictable when it comes to advertising on the display network.

I´d wait for a 2 days to see if it starts.

If nothing happens, raise your bids significantly (you can do that early on if you keep a close eye)

You could also choose broader keywords (like "istanbul" instead of "istanbul tourism").

Have your ads been approves already?