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Trying out Adwords

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I am learning how to set up and manage adwords campaigns in the Google tutorials. But as I learn a section, I am actually trying it out on a website I created. It's a website that is through an affilate program and my site URL is  I'm still working on my site and I'm just sort of practicing the tutorial instructions on it in an adwords account I created years ago for another website I closed down.


I get emails from Google that I have violated the Adwords policies and that my campaign has been disapproved. But again I am only practicing and do not want to launch anything just yet. If I just 'pause' these practice campaigns is that acceptable? Or will I continue getting those disapproval messages from Google?





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Re: Trying out Adwords

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Good morning - 


I'd strongly advise you to figure out what you've done to trigger the disapproval message(s) and undo it. That will turn the disapproval message off.


Second, it's very difficult to "practive" AdWords in an account. The software doesn't have any way of knowing you're "practicing" and it's taking the changes you make as intent of offering active advertising. I would actually discourage you from "practicing" in any account in the way you mention. You risk getting your account permanently suspended.

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Re: Trying out Adwords

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Maybe you should read about the affiliate policy & affiliate spam.


The approval process can be found here which states:


"all ads are subject to review, whether they're paused or active"


If you continue to receive the emails you might be upsetting Google:


"If you ignore the warnings and keep breaking the rules, we'll send a final warning to give one more chance...then we'll have to suspend account, along with any related accounts"


Getting suspended found here could mean never being able to use adwords again