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Training how long does it take to become to become effective.

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I'm new to ad word's I tried it before but it didn't work out for me, after spending a bit of time, on a different 

method of online advertising, I'd like to give it another crack.


I'm not sure employing a freelancer would give me effective results for my budget.


I'm willing to put the time to train and the money. What I'd really like to know is how long to be effective with my local 5-10 radius business (I teach guitar)


So how many hour's learning through Google resources?

how many hours training elsewhere?

how many hours practicing on my account.

& how many hours researching blogs to stay current


I know it's hard to pin down, but do I need 10/100/1000 to get my skills to competent standard

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Re: Training how long does it take to become to become effective.

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Hi ed;


It's really depends on  two main  factors:

 How much deeper do  you want to go- i.e. Do you want to use just the basic features, or to use also some of the advanced features?. Will basic reporting be sufficient, or you wish to use advanced reporting tools?


And the other factor is your learning skills. (E.g. I have no musical skills. Thus, for me  it would  take much longer to learn guitar than to one who is a musical  talent. The same applies to Adwords...)


You have dozens of online resources available.

Good luck;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Training how long does it take to become to become effective.

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Good afternoon.


I only wish these questions were as easy to answer as they are to ask!


To begin with, trying to come up with some kind of number would involve us all guessing how well you learn Smiley Happy which I don't think any of us want to do. 


The serious answer is that the learning curve can be steep--and how long it will take you to learn what you need to know depends on a lot of factors, like whether you're talking about Search, Display, Shopping, or some combination of those. There are different 'lessons' for each advertising type. There are also different learning formats available, which do offer slightly different information. Are you a text learner who will read through the Learning Center or do you prefer to take the time to watch videos? 


Either way, I don't know of anyone who has timed every lesson and added all of the figures together, so I have no idea how many hours of learning material are available. (It would be rare for any one person to want/need to go through every lesson in every format.)


The simplest approach--in my opinion, would be to begin by reading through the beginning section of the AdWords Help Center. Then build a limited campaign with a small keyword list. Review all the tabs available in your campaign, adjusting or adding information as appropriate.


Go to the more advanced learning center lessons any time you're not sure what the information you're adding might do to your ad serving. (For example, read the information on Ad Extensions before you build those out., so you understand how they interact with and assist your campaign.)  In this way, you're learning as you build your campaign and hopefully it will all make more sense since you're seeing it all in the context of your own advertising.


In my experience, spending sufficient time up front to really think through what you're doing as you build out your campaign can save you a lot of money and a lot of frustration down the line. Set goals.  


You can always search the Google AdWords channel on YouTube for lessons on specific topics, or search the Help Center for text lessons and examples.  And, of course, you can ask questions here!




Your other questions:


I didn't do a lot of "training elsewhere" when I started. What you basically need to know is in the videos and the Help Center. Anything you don't understand--ask us!


As for "practicing" on your own account--in my experience, that's a never-ending process.
Existing features are retired, new features are rolled out, the advertising environment changes from other factors--these things happen all the time. You're never done learning.


I'm probably on the low side since I only spend 3-4 hours a week staying current with PPC and the larger online advertising industry.


I've tried--I just can't come up with a number. Spend as much time learning before you start spending as your success is worth to you. 


Google AdWords Top Contributor