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Trademark names

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We are trying to run ad with Botox, Jevederm and other trademark names.  This is a medical day spa with an MD doing all injections but you need authorization from trademark holder.  I have tried to get this from Allergan but unable to get to the correct division that handles this. I have tried using ® in ad as well and each ad must be reviewed by someone at Google.  We have an account with Allergan to purchase products what is the problem with Google and ads.  The company Allergan does not sell to the public.  Very difficult to understand problem.  Please help!

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Re: Trademark names

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Hello martin3dn and Welcome to our community;

Two different issues are involved here:

Botox is a trade-name owned by Allergan. However, even if you get authorization by Allergan to use the trade-name, Botox is a medication.

As for pharmaceutical products, the policy (in the US) allows "...pharmaceutical manufacturers to promote informational sites with branded drug names in the ad text"


You are not a pharmaceutical manufacturer. (You are a cosmetic clinic, where cosmetic procedures are done by a MD). Thus, I do not think that your ad can be approved. Smiley Sad



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Re: Trademark names

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Are your ads and keywords both getting disapproved? or is it just the ad copy?