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Tracking code

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I wonder why it says "Receiving Data" as the status for my tracking code. It is not among the status options in your guide "Check the options for site tracking". In that the only options are: "Waiting for Data", "Tracking Not Installed" el "Not Confirmed", and "Tracking is installed". So what does "Receiving data" mean?


Jag undrar varför det står "Tar emot data" som status för min spårningskod. Det finns inte med bland statusalternativen i er guide "Kontrollera alternativen för webbplatsspårning". I den finns bara alternativen: "Väntar på information", "Spårningen är inte installerad" el "Ej bekräftad", samt Spårningen är installerad. Så vad betyder "Tar emot data"?




Re: Tracking code

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Hello Sophie G ! Welcome to the AdWords Community !


Your question is related to another Google product, the Google Analytics and to find an answer I would kindly ask you to use the dedicated forum to post the question . For example this is a similar thread from that forum.


If I were to answer to this I would say that this message is there because analytics builds data with delays of up to 72 hours as explained in this link.


"  Conversions imported from Google Analytics

Goals that are imported from a linked Google Analytics account are imported on a daily basis. Therefore, these metrics may not be reflected in your conversion statistics for 24-72 hours (based on your time zone)."