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Top vs Side ads on mobile search

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Hi - I am wondering if average position is a factor in ads that are displayed from a mobile search, since there are no side ads.  Is there an average position for just the top three spots?  When I've done a search, I saw two ads on top, and three on the bottom - is this typical?


Do you need a good quality score and high CPC to appear at the top, as you do in the traditional search?


Thank you for your help!

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Re: Top vs Side ads on mobile search

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Hello kmartinez,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


To the best of my knowledge, the basics behind the algorithm should remain the same while calculating the ad rank of your ad.


Keep in mind that relevancy is the key. If your ad rank is high, your Quality Score will automatically be high and you will have to pay less. Low is the Quality Score, high you will have to pay and hence your ad rank will also be low.


So keep your basics right, you should be in a good position. For more details on how to get on top, you might consider reading this reference.


Hope this helps!


Re: Top vs Side ads on mobile search

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Hello kmartinez;

This is a nice question;

As far as I know Google does not report top vs. Other on mobile devices. (On mobile "other" = bottom only ).


Unlike widescreen desktop, - where there is meaning to an ad shown "Above the fold" vs. "Below the fold" (= user scrolling down to see ads at the bottom) - on mobile, it does not much matter: Mobile device screen / display is relatively small, and a user sees / views the whole SERP, without scrolling down to the bottom.



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Re: Top vs Side ads on mobile search

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Here are two other factors considering quality score and adrank for mobile devices:

The distance between a person and an advertiser’s business location is now a factor in mobile search ads ranking.


The AdWords system will automatically visit your landing page, and evaluate your site as viewed by smartphones.