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Top of page, no competition

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 I wish to be a 'top of the page, first place' at the search results for one keyword phrase with very low traffic/comp. There is no one in the place at all...there is not even a suggested bid amount for that KWP.  

The monthly exact match search is only 50, but it's such a BIG ticket business I only need a few leads here and there.

So I'm a little confused. Does that mean that I'll get that spot with any bid? Would Google ever put an ad and link to a simple 4 page DIY site into that spot I want?   

( I want to be in at the top, not the side)

Huge thanks to anyone who knows!


Re: Top of page, no competition

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( I want to be in at the top, not the side)
(Does that mean that I'll get that spot with any bid?)


If you are seeing Ads for a given keyword query, then the ads you are seeing are Winning the Ad Auctions positions, regardless if they are only being displayed on the SIDE. Google has many different format displays that can display ads on the top, ads on top and side, ads only on the bottom etc. It is purely Google's interface that displays these variations of ad positions.

The Ad Rank or position of your Ad is determined by a variety of factors including Quality Score, Bid, use of Ad Extensions, Keyword matching options, quality of Landing page, Ad, and Keyword.

The fast way to get a the 1st displayed AD Google shows, regardless if it is displayed on top, side or bottom

( again based on the Format of the Interface displaying the search results) would be working on your Quality Scores and Increasing your BID's significantly along with Synced Ads and Keyword (matching) so that the CTRs increase..( read up on Adwords Optimization - and Ad Rank-- see video at end of this post)

Would Google ever put an ad and link to a simple 4 page DIY site into that spot I want?
YES if you meet Google Ad Policies and the Quality is acceptable and your AD RANK Is High enough)- The amount of pages of your website is not a factor, Google uses the "Destination URL" or Landing page, which can be a one page site.

The quality of that page is a factor, and content on that page, and the relevancy of the landing page to the Ad you run and the Keywords that trigger that are ALL important concerns to meet quality assessment, The landing page, ads, and keywords also have to adhere to all Google Policies.

So if you create an ad, landing page and keyword for that "Keyword Query" and bid enough then you should see your ad.

NOTE:  However, there are some keyword queries in which Google will not display any ads. But if you are seeing Ads to that specific Keyword, they you have every opportunity to compete for that ad space if your AD RANK is high enough.

Here is a Great quick Video by Hal Varian
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