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Three month budget of $42/day. Should I have multiple ads or just one?

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We have a president who is less than fond of advertising. He consistently refuses to follow basic guidelines on insertions -- insisting that if he pays a lot for an ad once and gets nothing in return for it, he won't advertise again. So, it was shocking to me when he said yes to a three-month test of AdWords.


I have a $42/day budget and about 2 months left on my test drive. I am running just one ad at this point and have worked on optimizing the site and ad for a higher CTR. However, with just 2 months left, I feel I should get further. So, what is your advice: should I be running multiple ads for our products and services? I fear that multiple ads will deplete my daily budget sooner each day.




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Re: Three month budget of $42/day. Should I have multiple ads or just

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Hi Laurie S

I would recommend that you must try running multiple ads, and this will not eat up your budget early as it will just start getting some percentage of total impressions which earlier only one ad was getting completely. This may help you to get higher CTR which may result in lower cost per click. Also it may result in higher conversion rate as compared to the previous one.

Sine you are testing different ad copies so I would suggest that you keep the landing pages same so that you can precisely judge the performance of the newly added ad copy as compared to the previous one.

Hope that helps!


Re: Three month budget of $42/day. Should I have multiple ads or just

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Hi Laurie, I would certainly echo Abhishek's comments in respect of Ads themselves - you should always run more than one Ad so you can test the performance one against the other (or many others).  Even very small changes to the text (or content) of an Ad can have a surprising difference in CTR.


However, to give more useful advice, we'll need to know a little more about what you're doing.  Are you advertising direct response (sales online) or branding/lead generation?  How are you measuring conversions (those sales or leads)?  Are you targeting the Search or Display Networks?  Are you using Keywords only or other targeting options?


If targeting Search via Keywords, how many Keywords do you have?  How are they organised into Groups?


Sorry if this is a bombardment of questions but it's really impossible to give good advice without more information.



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