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Things I do not understand about Google adwords no 1

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I have been left high and dry by Google since a rep who was supposed to help set up and advise campaigns left his job and no-one else is responding to my messages.


Here are some things I am having trouble understanding at the moment.  If someone could help, that would be appreciated:


Display ads: Placement: under 'placement' there are websites related to ad groups but these websites do not seem to have anything in common with the ads.  Is it advisable to delete these?  no idea how they got there in the first place.  What determines placement?


How to change keywords settings?  I am having a high bounce rate and want to look into change settings or where the ads appear and match settings for keywords   How to do this?


'target and bid' / 'bid only' - don't understand





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Things I do not understand about Google adwords no 1

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Many placements appear based on contextual targeting.


What that means is Google reads internet pages based on your keywords or targeting method, and finds pages mentioning your keywords and puts your ads there.

The best thing I've found to fix this is to add negative keywords. For instance, my ads were showing on a lot of viral sites and random sites about trucks. I added "viral" and "truck" as negative keywords in that campaign.


However, you should move away from contextual advertising and move toward other targeting methods. For instance, I use contextual to discover new placements that perform well and then add them to a "managed placement" campaign where I only advertise on sites I specifically target.

The way you manage display campaign targeting in your account is to click on the "Targeting" button in the Display Network tab.


Hopefully that answers some of your questions, I know it can be difficult when you're starting out to get this figure out.

Re: Things I do not understand about Google adwords no 1

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Hi Andrew,


There are a lot of things for new advertisers to learn, but Google AdWords has great resources and a strong community.  


Display Ad Placements

If you aren't targeting specific placements for your ads, Google will show your site on ads that have similar keywords to those you're bidding for (or category, if that's your targeting method).  If your ad placements don't seem relevant, you may have an irrelevant category or your keywords may be too broad.


Keyword Match Types

Keywords have a few match types, which Google explains in this article.


Target & Bid Settings

  • Target & Bid means you want to use that specific item as a target for your ad and also make bid adjustments to it.
    • Example:  An advertiser's campaign only wants to sell products to people aged 25-34.  In addition to other targeting (like keywords), the advertiser selects "Target & Bid".  This means that ads will only target people in this age group.
  • Bid only means that you want to use that specific item only to change the bid.
    • Example: An advertiser's campaign uses keyword targeting to decide what triggers the ad to show.  The advertiser determines that people between 25-34 are more likely to purchase the product, so the advertiser makes a bid adjustment to the 25-34 age demographic.  By changing the bid for this demographic, the advertiser doesn't exclude other age groups and isn't specifically targeting this age group.

I hope this helps.  Have a great day!

Things I do not understand about Google adwords no 1

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Thanks for your advice and help Punreal

Things I do not understand about Google adwords no 1

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Thanks for your help and advice, Phil

Things I do not understand about Google adwords no 1

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@Andrew J

Start with this article to get some more in depth understanding about  targeting  methods on display;

Display Network - How many Targeting Methods to choose?

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