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The structure of search campaign for a service and product

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Hi ;


I am a beginner in  Google Adwords  and I have just started my training on the structure of search campaign .


Actually , I am a bit confused about the logic / how should I make the structure of the search campaign of an unknown service or product.


I know the structure in general : Account -- campaign -- ad groups -- each ad group includes text ads and keyword


But I have a case in my training as we need to make a search campaign for a school , let's name it (X)


I have made the structure as follow :


Campaign : Country school

Ad group 1 : international schools

Ad group 2 : language schools

Ad group 3 : IG schools


As the X school should be categorized to each of these 3 groups


then I have added  the school name to the keywords that should be added under each ad group , for example :

- Keywords of Ad group 1 " international schools " : X international school , best international school , international schools in the city

- Keywords of Ad group 2 "language schools" : X language school , best language school ,languages school in the city

- Keywords of Ad group 3  "IG schools" : X IG school , best IG school , IG schools in the city .


Because As I know ; when the user search using a keyword , and this keyword is set in an adgroup , all the ads that are related to this ad group could be appeared , so , when the user search with "best international school " by example , the ad which includes the keyword of X school could be appeared , because it is set in the ad group that include the same used keyword by the user in the search .


But my trainer said that it is wrong , and we should create another ad groups with the school name , to be the ads groups that should be in our campaign are as follow :


Ad group 1 : international schools

Ad group 2 : X international schools

Ad group 3 : language schools

Ad group 4 : X language school

Ad group 5 : IG schools

Ad group 6 : X IG school


Because we should consider that the user who search on the web , could know the school itself or could not , what make the ad appear on the web is the keyword of the "ad group name " not the keyword that are set under the ad group .


So , it that structure of the ad groups right ?


I am bit confused and could not get the point why we should create another ads groups with the name of the school .


Should we name the "ad group" with the keyword that the user could use in the search ? or we u;d should set the keywords which the searcher could use under the ad group ?


Also , I need to know , is there a difference between  preparing a search campaign structure for an unknown product/service and preparing another search strategy for  company /factory/shop that produce or buy these products ?


for example :

- A search campaign for company website that sell sports wear of different brands like : addidas , nike , ..

- A search campaign for an "unknown" sports wear brand , as the user could not know it and we need him  to see the ads of this brand when he searches for sports wears in general on the internet


how I can I think / get the logic of the structure when preparing a campaign of each type ?


Appreciate your fast reply regarding the case and my questions please ;


Thank you ;





Re: The structure of search campaign for a service and product

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Hi ,

Can anyone reply to me please ?

Thank you in advance ;