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The daily frustration with Tablet CPO & Adwords

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Hello there,


We are advertising on Google Adwords since 3+ years. Besides having many issues with our competitors strategies (like using botnets to click the competitors ads or driving up CPC to have a higher market share while running others our of business), we also struggle with the very low conversion rate on tablets, the CPO on Tablets is over 100$ while on Mobile and PC it's stable at 20-35$. Bing is at 12$ CPO.


I have been searching a way to block out tablets for a long time, it seems that Adwords still doesn't want to give us that option.

Does anyone have an idea how to block out Tablet users, but still target Smartphone users?


Our Mobile Template is great and it works perfectly, we have a higher conversion rate there, than on PC, but on Tablets it's really bad. I don't want the tablet audience, it's not worth it. The google account manager is telling me there is no way around it and I should simply invest more in ads (of course he does that, he gets a share from it), and when we do that, it doesn't change, we get more orders but less overall profit. Smiley Sad





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Re: The daily frustration with Tablet CPO & Adwords

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Hello @Ip A;

This concern - about  performances on tablets- has been expressed by many advertisers.. However, Google says that their data show similar behavior (by users) on desktops and tablets, and hence does not provide the option to "exclude" tablets.

My personal assumption: it will be added  in the future, since there is  a "demand" by advertisers (to exclude tablets). 

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: The daily frustration with Tablet CPO & Adwords

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Thanks for your answer.

I am looking forward to this, maybe I can finally stop wasting valuable advertising budget on Tablet users.