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Test keywords campaign budget wrt keywords

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Hello Everybody,


I wish you great day ahead. Talking about me, I am in a fix owing to a situation of test campaign with respect to budget.


Situation: I am to run Search and Display campaign for jobs. So, as an example, I am to run 200, 300 and 500 budget campaign for different locations across US. Because the location would affect a campaign performance, how should I test a campaign performance (how much budget would it consume for say NY? 


What should  I do now? Basically, I need to test a search campaign's different budget on different locations. So,


I am running search campaign for say Java Developers, I want to see how much budget would the campaign take for say 10 keywords related to Java Developers in a particular location (NY, for example).


Likewise, I want to see how the campaign would react if I increase the budget (from 200 to 300) Java developers campaign for same location (NY)? It would be repeated when the budget is increased to 500 dollars?


I have to test all locations in the US for this particular job campaign. How could I structure the campaign, keywords and budget? Also, I personally feel the campaign should run at least for 7 days as the account is pretty old.


Really appreciate any help.




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Re: Test keywords campaign budget wrt keywords

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Good morning.


The best way to test is to simply construct your campaigns and run them for a week.


However, you can also use the keyword tool and, by changing the settings, get a very rough idea of what kind of traffic you might be able to service with the different budgets.


Good luck!

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Re: Test keywords campaign budget wrt keywords

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Thanks Theresa. Although Search has good offering for someone like who is running recruitment campaigns, I do not see Display as an option.

What I did for Display Campaign:

I chose exact match keywords
Went by contextual targeting, ,Topic targeting and lastly placements.

The first two didn't bring any relevant traffic but clicks. Collecting placements is also a task. Besides, could you suggest some good ways to collect and build a good placement list? And Am I right when I see that there are 2nd rated or 3rd rated sites on Display placements for a job title?