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Tentative Next Step in Optimization?

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I'm taking my first tentative steps into Adwords using exact match and phrase match keywords. My CTR is only 1.52%. I guess I need to increase this in order to increase my QS.... in order to reduce my CPC. Do I have that right?


Should my main priority be to increase my CTR right now? Would you do that by increasing the bids so that the listing appears higher so there's a greater chance of a click?


QS for my keywords are ranging from 5/10 to 8/10. Is there anything else you would recommend forme to optimize my account. 


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Re: Tentative Next Step in Optimization?

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Hi Darragh

To start with check out the impression share, if that is satisfactory, then work on improving CTR.
Things you can do to improve CTR are:
1. Add negative keywords
2. Improve headline of your ad copies.
3. Check your keywords to ad relevancy in the adgroups.
4. Use ad extensions.
5. Increase your bids and test with the ad positions.

Now simultaneously you can work on improving the QS as well by working on the quality of the landing page used, improving performance of the targeted devices and keyword to ad relevance.
Make sure that your adgroups are tightly themed.

Aritra Mukherjee

Re: Tentative Next Step in Optimization?

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Please note; though; that the initial QS granted (until there are  enough impressions for statistical analysis) -  is a "default" QS, based on a calculated   average  of other advertisers (for the exact match type of a given KW).

So, if you have  just started a campaign, and the KWs haven't received enough impressions yet - you rather wait some more time.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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