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Targeting only the United States

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Im rather new to adwords setup. I originally had my targeting setup to target the entire world. My niche is a web development service site. I know it is a highly competitive field but I think I can be pretty good at the advertising aspect.


Well when I target the entire world, the estimated reach is Billions obviously. However I do not think many people in foreign countries will want my services and/or I perfer not to offer my services to other countries because of language barriers/payment issues etc. I started off with a 5$ a day budget and I tons and tons of clicks really fast.


But then I change it to target only the U.S with the same budget and nothing. Barely any impressions and zero clicks. I thought targeting the U.S would have many people clicking on it because they are willing to have a website setup. 


I can get about 5000 impressions and 50 clicks then with the U.s I gwet about 1000 impressions and no clicks. What gives? Any thoughts?



Re: Targeting only the United States

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Hi Jason,
If you could give us a few more details about your campaigns? What type is it, Search Network or Diplay Network?

The drop in impressions and clicks was to be expected for sure, because you switched from a worldwide to US-only audiences. But it could be also that your targeting methods are restricting too much your audiences (that could apply if you're on Display Campaigns).

At last but not least, you probably know that $5 per day is a very modest budget that will probably run out fast throughout the day (especially in the first few days). What you should do right off the bat is make sure you have "Standard Delivery" selected on your campaign settings (so Google will distribute your ad evenly through the day) and keep your bids as low as you can.
These things will make your budget go a bit further. And then once you know more about the traffic patterns of your potential customers, you can prepare an Ad scheduling too, so you will choose times of the day when you'd rather show ads.

But do give us more info so we can try and understand better.


Re: Targeting only the United States

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Thanks for the reply. I have the campaign on the search network and display network.

But I'm not getting any clicks with only 5$ so either way i won't get clicks even if I had a 100$ budget right? Since they only charge by the click/

And last I mentioned I thought offering services targeting the u.s would generate lots of clicks compared to people from foreign countries. I tend to get lots of countries like Saudi Arabia, india, Indonesia and so forth.


Re: Targeting only the United States

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Yes, there's definitely something going on that is keeping your ads from showing, regardless of budget.
I only wrote those tips because you mentioned you used to get "tons and tons of clicks really fast", and that isn't a good thing when you have a $5 per day budget. Once your ads are showing again, I strongly advise you to do those things and keep a close look on a report that shows clicks by "time of the day" - it's on the Dimensions tab - to make sure your ads are showing more or less evenly through the day (or more importantly, during the peak times for your type of business).

But before all that, let's get back to your current problem. It looks as though you have something that's seriously hampering your campaigns in terms of targeting.

Are you using Search Network with Display Select? Or running separate campaigns on Search and Display Network apart from each other?

It's difficult to know exactly, from what you told us. So the first thing you should do is a thorough troubleshooting - go back right to the start, to the options you chose when you were setting up your campaigns for the first time. For national reach, make sure you're targeting USA and the English language, and do make sure you don't have any exclusions by region or states, and that you're not restricted to a radius or anything like that.

My guess is that you won't have made a mistake there (but doesn't hurt to check), so it's likely that your Display Network targeting could be the problem.
Go to the Display Network tab (last one) and click on that button "+Targeting" and you'll see your targeting methods, and to your right you'll see Google's projections of available impressions.

Go through each one of them and make sure you got the right stuff selected (the intended audience) and make sure the audience universe isn't too restricted. Very important: for each targeting method there are 2 options at the bottom: "Bid and Target" or "Bid Only". This bit here is very important because depending on what you select your audience reach can go from 100 thousand to 5 thousand.

BTW, you don't have to use ALL targeting methods. Some people do just fine just by using keywords (which will trigger automatic placements for your ads).

From what you tell me, sounds like your Display Network could be doing the damage. Probably when you changed your targeting from Worldwide to USA. So go through all that stuff and get back to us.