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Target Specific Addresses

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I have a list of 400 specific properties that I want to target with adwords. I can't figure out how to target specific addresses. Does this feature exist?

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Re: Target Specific Addresses

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 Hi @Naji B!

you can target your audience at a specific place by radius targeting tool. Also, possible that you can target your audience by interest. Here is a quick guide for you.

  • Go to advanced search in the locations setting


      1. Select radius targeting
      2. Enter your city or location name
      3. Set mil
      4. Choose mile or km
      5. Hit enter or click search
      6. Show by postal code or city name (optional)
      7. Select your desired location
      8. Estimated reach or peoples in your targeted location
      9. Add, exclude or select nearby

Remember: you can view the location on the ap just by selecting the name of location.


    • I recommend you that leave these options as these are selected by default
    • you can save a little bit of money by selecting the second option in target option. if you don't want to show your ad to those peoples who show interest in your targeted location. Also, it will be narrow down your audience.


Hope this guide will help you lot!