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Hello i am Marior Benard recently paid for my ads words


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Can some one help me out to tell me how my ads is doing? since i paid i have not receive any notification if my ads went live or not

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Hi @Mario B


You should be able to tell if your ads are running by logging in to your Adwords account.


The first thing to do is the check that the ads are 'approved' and not still pending approval.

You can see this under the 'Ads' tab:


Ads view.jpg


Once you've confirmed this, you can mouse over the speech bubble to see if the Ads are showing, head over to other areas such as the 'Keywords' tab to confirm that impressions are being recorded, or use the 'Ad Preview & Diagnosis' Tool from the top menu.


If still in doubt, there is some more info in this Google support article.


And if all else fails, you can also follow the prompts directly from this page to get in touch with Adwords support:

NEED MORE HELP > Ad Performance > Seeing My Ad


I hope this is helpful.