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Support team. Just sharing experience and thoughts.

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Hello everybody.


Just wanted to share my experience, thoughts  about AdWords support team and it would be lovely to hear yours . Smiley Happy

So, the main reason I started this thread is that some weeks ago my campaign was stopped. I wrote to  the support team and  they wrotte me back day after explaining that my campaign  was stoped due to Google`s policy of landing page. They wrote  some topics I needed to change on my landing page (privacy policy,  contact information etc.). Everything was already on my landing page, so I made some  Print screens to the supporter saying that I already have everything she asked (some information was directly on landing page andsome was in link form).

After some more changes supporter told me that  everything is ok and my site is good to go to evaluation , witch should take 3 buiseness days.


And now the final.


Today (5th buiseness day) still no answer from my supporter  and my campagn is still stoped. I`m going to check my e-mail and what I see... another supporter is writting me. Hers letter is sayng that previous supporter is out of office and now she is going to help me fix my problem. And now she is asking me to change all these same things that i was workinng with other supporter, I mean privacy policy,  contact information etc. again, all that imformation that already have on my landing page. 

I mean c`mon , how long this is going to last. All month my campaign is stopped, I worked so hard to make all these changes to be friendly and with Googles policy and with customer experience (easy understandable and so on). Some  wishes of supporter would made my page looked like transformer in a bad way. And now other supporter is asking me to change all these things that I`ve already chenged.

Can anyone explain me why I`m so loved by Google`s supporters? Smiley Happy 

Maby some of you had same experience? It would be lovely to hear your thoughts and coments Smiley Happy




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Re: Support team. Just sharing experience and thoughts.

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Hi Karolis,


I am sorry to hear that you've had poor experience with the Customer Service folks. Based on your story I conclude it's actually an issue with human beings which can happen anywhere in the world. Googlers are mortals too and not supermen therefore human errors may occur from time to time.  


On the other hand you need to know that this forum is not part of the customer service. Hence no one will be able to address your entry in an efficient way.