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Structuring campaigns with keywords.

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How would you guys structure a campaign for website development?  Example:


In my country, clients search for  "website" "homesite" "webdesign" (translated from local language.), which is pretty much the same thing over here, but people tend to call it different things.


Would you create 3 different ads for those keywords with keyword in heading, or focus those keywords to one ad? 


Would different structuring affect relevancy / score?




Re: Structuring campaigns with keywords.

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Hello Aleksander,

First you need to understand the hierarchy like: Campaign, Adgroups and keywords. You need to take the keywords having good search volume according to your country and then do theming of same in different adgrops accordingly like: Website development, website development company these should be in one and so on as per the type. Also you can theme it very particularly like under Web developmet campaign you can use different adgroups for agencies companies and etc.

And for each adggroiup you can create two ads one is text and the other is DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) ad.

It affect Quality Score because QS depends on CTR, Landing Page, Ads. When you are taking keyword homesite and the ad doesnt contain that type of keyword than it will not maintain the quality score.

Hope this will work