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Structure your AdWords Account

Google Employee
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Google Employee
If you're relatively new to AdWords, one of the most difficult aspects of the account creation process can be structuring your account. Campaigns, ad groups and ads can seem confusing if you don't know how they work together!
I've found that a great way to help you envisage how you can organise your account is to think of each campaign as a dresser. For example, you may have a dresser for winter clothes and another for summer clothes. In the winter dresser, you might have a drawer for jeans, another for sweaters etc. Your AdWords account works the same way. 
Let's say you sell women's shoes. You might have one campaign for winter shoes and one campaign for summer shoes. Within the winter campaign, you have an ad group for boots, another for sneakers and another for heels. Within the summer campaign, you have an ad group for high heel sandals and another for flats. In each ad group, you have ads and keywords relating solely to that product. It's as simple as that! Smiley Happy
For more information on ways to structure your account, please visit our article here.
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Re: Structure your AdWords Account

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Zee Community Manager
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Thank you,Laura.

@all: We hope you find this information useful.