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Still looking for answer: low competition/high CPC keywords

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Hi there,


Please can you help me understand the following: 


What would be a possible reason why a keyword would have such low competition but a high CPC? When compared to another keyword that has similar local search volumes? 


keyword: angina | local searches: 2900 | CPC R13.36

keyword: osteoarthritis | local searches: 2900 | CPC R2.90 



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Hi, G_Christian -    This seems to be the same topic you...

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Hi, G_Christian - 


This seems to be the same topic you started yesterday. ( )


Please post only once on a subject--that way, all responses to your question are in one place. 


(It's also against Community guidelines to post multiple times with the same question.)


I am requesting this discussion be closed--anyone wishing to offer thoughts can respond in the other thread.

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