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Sprucing Up Your AdWords Ad Text!

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Google Employee
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Google Employee

Good afternoon from Google Ann Arbor! If you’ve hunted around on our Help Center, you’ve probably found the following best practices for writing ad text:

  • Create simple, enticing ads.
    • What makes your product or service stand out from your competitors? Highlight these key differentiating points in your ad. Be sure to describe any unique features or promotions you offer.
  • Include prices and promotions.
    • The more information about your product that a user can gain from your ad text, the better. For example, if a user sees the price of a product and still clicks the ad, you know they're interested in a potential purchase at that price. If they don't like the price, they won't click your ad, and you save yourself the cost of that click.
  • Use a strong call-to-action.
    • Your ad should convey a call-to-action along with the benefits of your product or service. A call-to-action encourages users to click on your ad and ensures they understand exactly what you expect them to do when they reach your landing page. Some call-to-action phrases are Buy, Purchase, Call today, Order, Browse, Sign up, and Get a quote; while "find" and "search" may be accurate verbs, they imply that the user is still in the research mode, and may not encourage the user to perform the action you'd most like them to take.
  • Include one of your keywords in your ad text.
    • Find the best performing keyword in your ad group and include it in your ad text, especially in the title. Whenever a user types that keyword and sees your ad, the keyword phrase will appear in bold font within your ad on Google. This helps draw the user's attention to your ad and shows users that your ad relates to their search.
  • Choose an appropriate destination URL.
    • Relate your ad text to offers that you make on your landing page to help users complete the sales cycle. Ensure that the destination URL (landing page) you use for each ad directs users to the most relevant page within your website. Ideally, that webpage will be dedicated to the specific product or service that is highlighted in your ad.
  • Test multiple ads in each ad group.
    • Experiment with different offers and call-to-action phrases to see what's most effective for your advertising goals. Test variations of the same core message and see which one performs the best. If your ad serving option is set to "optimize" (the default setting), Google automatically tries to show the best performing ad more often.

These are all great ways to improve your ad, if you’re not already using them! I wanted to add a few additional gems that I’ve found to be helpful in my conversations helping advertisers improve the message that the user sees...

    • Use appropriate abbreviations and space-savers when you can! The following ideas may seem obvious, but take a fresh look at your ads to see how you can save some space.
      • As we all know, space is rather limited in what you can say in your text ad (only 25 characters in the headline, 35 in each line of text). Here are a few ways to save space:
        • Instead of using the word “and,” use the “&” symbol instead.
        • Use numbers when you can:
          • “24/7” vs. “All Day Every Day”
          • “1st” vs. “First”
        • Think of ways to be more concise in your wording:
          • An example, for describing the AdWords Community:
            • “AdWords Help from Successful Users” vs. “You Can Get Help for Your AdWords Account from Other Users”
    • Test Keyword Insertion.
      • If you have a number of similar variations of a particular phrase in your ad group, you may want to try out Keyword Insertion to put the user’s keyword in the ad. 


    • Skip the phone number.
      • Instead of using up space in your ad with your phone number (and potentially lowering your CTR and Quality Score by having impressions unlikely to lead to clicks), try out Call Extensions - which can show your phone number in addition to your full text ad!


  • Taking advantage of your brand.
    • If you’re able to, include the ® or ™ symbols next to your band name in the ad, which tends to boost your CTR.
  • Proofread! Again, these may seem obvious, but always make sure to...
    • Spell everything correctly
    • Capitalize the first letter of each word to make the text stand out to users
    • Use spaces between words and after commas.

This list is certainly not exhaustive! Does anyone have more ad tips and best practices that have boosted your CTR and conversion rate?

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Re: Sprucing Up Your AdWords Ad Text!

Zee Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you, Sarah!


Re: Sprucing Up Your AdWords Ad Text!

Rising Star
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Rising Star
Thank you, Sarah.
I will add one more thing about destination url:
You can test different options which are relevant to what your customer is looking for. For example:


Applying a/b testing you can find out the most powerful lines which will boost your CTR.
Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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Re: Sprucing Up Your AdWords Ad Text!

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great read

Re: Sprucing Up Your AdWords Ad Text!

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Thank you for this,  great read!


Will start implementing your list!