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Split testing

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I have a Add campaign running, but I know am thinking of trying a different site makup to see if I get any better converstions.


is it acceeptable to just pause the current campaign, create another with a new domain and see how it fairs? if its no better or worse then I can just turn the old campaign back on.


I have seen other ways of split testing with analytics and setting up diffrent pages, I jsut think this makes more sense and is easyier for me to do?


Aslong as both campaigns are not running at the same time, should I beware of any problems??



Re: Split testing

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It depends on your requirement and how much expertise you have in doing the same. Few points from my side:


1. If you are just experimenting with ad copies than put both of them in the same ad group and then in ad rotation setting select the perfect option (optimize for clicks or optimize for conversions)


2. If you are testing different landing pages then crete two ad groups with same set of keyowrds, but make sure that both these ad groups are not running at the same time, other wise you will create competition for your own.


Same goes for campaigns as well, if you are trying with two different campaign for testing do not use the same setting for both these campaigns, or else you will have unnecessary competition.


Please consider both these facotrs while you are going for AB testing.