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Specific words ad

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I have chosen a very specific word to run ad on Adwords under "broad results"


"SpecificWordGoesHere"... and I get zero prints, zero clicks.. well... actually, I have gotten 2 clicks in about 2 weeks of the life of this ad.


The minimum bid price is enough for first page.. 



Now.. I can't believe that nobody in the world types this word ever on a google search site... as this word is related to an item involving at least thousands of people...


So.... whats up with that?  Should I just pulled that word from the bids? Or just leave it there forever? 


Why is google not picking on certain words that are surely being type around the world? 

Re: Specific words ad

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

If you have gotten clicks then you have had to have gotten impressions.

The one thing is if the word is valuable to a conversion proposition to you, then you may want to Bid higher then "Just enough for front page".

Run a Live Preview keyword Diagnostic on the Keyword to make sure it it showing,

Google has a minimum price threshold before they will show ads. When you run the Live preview are you seeing other ads? Your Ads or Nothing?

If the keyword is valuable to you, leave it. It the QS is so low, or it gets the Low Search Volume message, you may want to consider either working on the QS, Increase the Bid or pause/ remove it.

The choice is up to you based on how valuable it would be for conversions and the Return on your Investment (ROI) or ROAS ( return on ad spend).