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Someone using Google Adwords to redirct my customers to thier product?

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I am not familiar with Google Adwords but I noticed that when I google search my product, and I click on Images on the Images tab the first photo is of my product( which is trademarked) but when you click on the photo of my image it goes to an Amazon listing for one of my competitors products. My question is if google adwords show up on the images tab on google? I am trying to figure out if this person is using google adwords to pay to have my product image on google images, and redirecting them to their product that is forsale on Amazon? I can't figure out how they are getting my image to redirect to their product.


Here is the link to the images


If you click on the 1st one that is my product image but it goes to someone else product. Can anyone tell by looking at it if they are using google adwords to do this? I have contact Amazon but they wont do anything about it and I submitted a violation request to google to remove it and it's been over a month and it's still there.

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Re: Someone using Google Adwords to redirct my customers to thier prod

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Hi Jessica, how are things?


Google Adwords does not support ads on the "Images" page at the time.


Fun fact: Google Adwords had the option to advertise on Images before, but this have been removed for a few years now. If i'm not wrong, this has been removed in 2011, maybe 2010.


Now, anything related to the Images tab is related to how Google index (identifies, classifies and show this to the user) the images. If you're seeing the image of your product leading to someone else page, they probably saved and are using this image on their website, and maybe by having some good practices on their website, Google found their image to be more relevant for the users than yours.


The first thing you should do is try to contact the company that is using your image/product.


Hope this can help.



Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Someone using Google Adwords to redirct my customers to thier prod

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Hi Jessica,

After checking the url provided by you, it is clear that Leandrofm is absolutely right. Google don't offer paid ads on the images searched on Google except PLA or shopping ads.
Also for this issue you need to first contact with that company who is misusing your trademarked images.
As these images are the result of organic search not the adwords, so you can't report to adwords team for the same.

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Re: Someone using Google Adwords to redirct my customers to thier prod

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Hi Jessica H,

Both members are replied correctly. You have only option to approach that particular company/person who is using your trademark Image. You can take the help of layer to take legal action against this activity. Other options can't help you.