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Small Social Marketing HELP

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I am trying to create a campaign for a social media marketing company that would like to specialize in small banks/credit unions.  I am having a hard time coming up with keywords that are not "low search volume"


Any suggestions would be great!




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Re: Small Social Marketing HELP

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It would be hard to come with ideas without in depth knowledge about the business;
What I do recommend is to use the keyword planner and get suggestions for "specific" keywords by typing in more "generalized" keywords from the business you are promoting.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Small Social Marketing HELP

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Hi Ida L,

Next to Keyword Planner, I use Just found this tool and it helped me to find more keywords which weren't suggested by the Keywords Planner of Google. Also, I will create a campaign with very generic keywords, so you can find new keywords with the search query reports.

Good luck!


Re: Small Social Marketing HELP

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Hey Ida,

Great suggestion from MosheTLV and an interesting question you ask.

It may be simply that the niche you are in will return low search volume but that isn't necessarily a total negative. The sum of all your keywords may well deliver traffic that will convert for this specific niche. On the other hand, it could be your keywords are long tail and as a result, show ow volume.

Forgive my lack of knowledge of your sector, but it may be possible if new that the search terms around this area don't yet show more than low volume, but may increase once this niche increases?

It may ultimately come down somewhat to their target audience and how to reach them. If your target audience widely accessible you may well consider investing in upper funnel keywords that are possibly a little wider than your exact match, but still closely related enough to drive awareness and conversions. For example, a gift company may have a specific product they would like to promote, but the search term for product x is low. The company may choose to invest in search terms around 'gifts for men' since their product falls into this catergory, and is related. This is an Analogy I hope you may relate with using your product knowledge to build up your campaigns and drive a succesful outcome for your client.

Selecting the right keyword list for your campaign can help you show your ads to the customers you want as they search for specific terms or visit certain websites. Your keywords should match the terms your potential customers would use to find your products or services.

For more information please find keyword planner guidance here

and also how to build a keyword list here:

All the best and keep us updated?


Re: Small Social Marketing HELP

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Hi Ida,


Here are some research strategies that will hopefully help you get some higher traffic keywords.


Start with your intended audience, and I think they will be marketing managers, offline and/or internet types. What types of trade publications or websites would they visit? Where would they go if they wanted to research various online marketing channels and service agencies? Use those sites as display network targets. Get some ideas on what service features they they are looking for.


You can further segment your audience into where they are in the decision making journey to use a social media marketing agency. Are they doing "comparison shopping" or are looking to see which is cheaper, or offer additional services as a bundle?  Are they completely oblivious to social media marketing, and may not be actively looking for social media marketing services? Etc. Think of what search terms would they use, like cheapest social media marketing agency, ad agency with automated bidding, etc. You can test the combination of keywords and match types, as these may be low traffic keywords also, which is fine. Your landing page/keyword list/ad copy should match that segment. 


What are competing social media marketing agencies doing to get the same, or similar customers you are targeting? What is working, and what is not working? Can you improve on execution?


Good luck, I hope that helps,