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Small Family Business AdWords campaign questions?

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My husband and his family own a small family appliance business. Sales, Service, and Custom Installations.  Top brands such as GE Monogram and Viking. My husband and his sister are looking to increase sales and have more of a positive online presence. Recently, they hired a website developer to revamp their site and convert it to mobile.  Currently, they are marketing through traditional outlets such as billboards, newspaper, etc.  They have a Facebook page and post things periodically, but are not consistent.


I have a sales online marketing background in cost per acquisition marketing.  Currently, I am studying to get my Google AdWords certification test.  My husband and I would like to put a proposal together to present to the other owners of the company(his father (who is very old school and doesn't like to spend money on things he doesn't understand) and sister (open to new things)) along with the bookkeeper for a Google AdWords campaign that I will start, run and manage.  I have done the research on competive companies in the area.  Watched several Google AdWords You Tube videos.

My questions are:

-Am I crazy to think Google AdWords is fairly uncomplicated for me to run myself for his company? My concern is once I start it I will be in over my head.

-I was thinking of just starting with CPC bids?  Should I also do CPM and CPA bids since they have revamped their website. There is a directions link and call now button on there and they are converting to mobile.

-What type of budget do you think would be effective for a small local family business?

Any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Small Family Business AdWords campaign questions?

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Hi Danielle - way to get the entire in-law clan angry at once!


AdWords is simple to start and then gets complicated in layers.


The good thing is you can start small and learn as you go. The great thing here is that you are spending your own money ;-)


This gives you great motivation to learn and develop your skills.


A couple of pointers....


1. Start local - set your geo radius tight so you're not wasting clicks in visitors you don't actually want to convert to customers.


2. Set a relatively low daily budget to begin with - this way you'll spot mistakes early and without having spent a fortune.


3. Make sure you are tracking inquiries from the website - including phone calls and import those back into AdWords as conversions.


4. It's easier to run CPC search ads at the outset... display is going to be tough - no-one is going to see an ad for a repair service and decide to have you come and look at their washing machine - but the day it breaks..... they'll be searching.


5. Add all the extensions you can - location (you'll need to set up your Google MyBusiness account if you haven't already done that), call, sitelinks, call outs, structured snippets - everything available - that gives you the maximum screen real estate


6. Don't be afraid to bid high - if you're running a search because your washing machine is leaking all over your floor, you have an immediate need. You are unlikely to be shopping around. You're most likely to go with the first person you call who sounds honest and can get to you quickly. That contact is worth quite a lot and you will not be doing yourself any favours trying to get visits for pennies....


7. Come back here every time you get stuck ;-)


In terms of budget, work with an amount you can afford to lose. It will probably take you a little while to get to a point where understand what's going on and how your market works - and treat the expenditure as part of your training and also as market research. No-one sets up a successful account from scratch - we just get better with time because we learn from our mistakes. And we get to the "good places" faster. But there is always a journey.


Good luck


Small Family Business AdWords campaign questions?

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Haha hoping my salesmanship will get the majority in my favor to win them overSmiley Wink

Thank you Steve! These tips are awesome!  Perfect to help me get started.  I will keep you posted on my progress or I will be back if, like you said, I get stuck.  Thank you again for your time and help!