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Site suspended - Site not working (not visible to Google)

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Hi Guys 


I'm new to google adwords so please bear with me, i recently opened a shopify store (had perviously been using opencart) anyway i've tried to place some ads on google adwords to try bring a bit more traffic to my site.


Google won't place the ad's as reason been Site Suspended - Site not Working


I think i have do everything ok with the adverts and not violated any of googles policies.


I'm thinking maybe while the change over of sites was taking place a lot of 404 errors were happening as i had deleted the old store (opencart) and my web address was pointing towards my new store? could this be the cause for the site suspension?


My website still shows on google if someone searches and my address is verified by google but a bit frustrating i can't get my ads to appear.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Site suspended - Site not working (not visible to Google)

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Are you doing any location redirects or do you have any geo / ip restrictions in place? The website should be reachable from anywhere in the world.

Some time ago one of my clients had an issue with a list of IPs that were present on an anti-hacker alliance list. They were getting so many spambot attacks that they had to try something. The problem was that 2-3 of Google's IPs ended up on that list. So when people in Mountain View were trying to check the website, all they got was a blank page, just as the spammers did. Which, of course, was not allowed.

I'm not saying this is the case for you, but it's worth checking. I don't think your website should be suspended if your ads' landing pages work and if the current links are crawlable and also work.

Hope it helps.
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