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Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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I have run the adword campaign for our website last 2 months. Today, our website was changed completely about 3 hours ago. Domain name is same. But all contents and url of sub directory and pages were changed.


So, I paused it and updated destination urls of all keyword and copy and finally restart it.

But, there is a problem. i found the message, "This campaign is not currently enabled."

All ad copy are approved and all keyword are eligible. but campaign is not running.

I just change landing pages' URL. Anyone know about that?


By the way, my site is not indexed in Google yet. Google still have our old pages.

Is that possible that our campaign is not enabled due to indexing problem?


I don't have anyone to ask this problem. Plz help me.



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Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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Hmm... I can't help at all on the website side of things, other than to suggest perhaps the webmaster forum.


"This campaign is not currently enabled." Is there any chance that -

The campaign end date has passed?

The campaign got paused or deleted somehow?


Perhaps, if the ads have been changed, they are all still currently under review. I get confused - Approved is not eligible (or is it vice-versa?). So even if the ads are approved, they may bot be eligible to show ads, just yet.

Sometimes, the error messages can be a bit misleading. Something else could be preventing any ads from showing, and the google machine doesn't have a particular error message for your exact issue. 

Try starting at the billing level, work your way down to the ads, and see if anything else that's strange or wierd seems to be going on. 


Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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hi, tomhalejr

Thanks for your response.


Yes, all ad copies were approved. But when I roll mouse point over quote box next to "Approved", it's message show me as follow.


"Ad showing now? No
This ad is not eligible to run.
  • This campaign is not currently enabled."

So, ad copy is approved, but ad is not showing due to not enabled campaign.


Same as keywords. All keywords' status is eligible. but not showing ads right now due to same reason with ad copy.


Billing, end date and campaign status. everything is fine.

I can't find any possibility.


Serngwoon Choi

Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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HI ArtinoidMan,


Did you try "Pausing" the campaigns and again "Enableing" them?  I had the same problem sometime ago but it got fixed automatically soon. 


Did you change anything on "Billing" side?  Since any update on "Billing" might trigger account review for "Credit Card" verification.  Also Google reviews accounts periodically and maybe "Pausing/Enabling" of campaigns might have triggered the review.  Are you seeing any alert message once you login to your account?




Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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Hi ArtinoidMan


Have you checked your keywords on Ad Preview Tool? I think you have ad text.


If you enabled campaigns but they not run. You would rather to wait some days or contact support. They will help you. 


Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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@tomhalejr: "I get confused - Approved is not eligible (or is it vice-versa?)."


Yes, this can be confusing.


"Eligible" is the status your ad has until it has been approved. The "eligible" ad will run only on Google search.

:"Approved" means exactly that--your ad has been approved to show on all networks.

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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Billing is fine. 

Pausing the campaigns and again enabling. i did. it didnt work.



I checked it. They said my ads is not showing.



Ad Copy was approved and keyword was eligible. but it didnt work because of not enabled campaign.



Thank you for all and sorry for late response.


Finally campaign has revived. I still not figure out what was going on.

If I find something, I will let you know.


Serngwoon Choi

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Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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Serngwoon - I would suggest that you contact Google support and see if they can identify what went wrong when you changed those URL's.

See the upper right corner of these community pages for the CONTACT ADWORDS button.

Let us know if you get this resolved.

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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I have the same problem with one of my accounts - I've contacted Google but they're yet to get back to me so in the meantime does anyone have any answers? My client is v angry that this hasn't been sorted asap and so if anyone can help that would be great!





Re: Site just updated and "Campaign is not enabled".

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I have the exact same problem: 

Jun 6: 5 pm - sent INR 5000 to account through netbanking

Jun 7: 1pm  after 18 hours - balance doesn't reflect. No help from customer support - except annoying requests to send bank statements. PLEASE. Their payment gateway is broken. They are using some sub standard timesofmoney gateway - netbanking doesn't reflect in 18 hours, credit card not authorised for no reason and low paid staff on the customer support (who have never gone to college) don't understand everyone is losing here: Google, our agency and our client. 

Jun 7: 7 pm - balance reflects in account. But ads are not running for a weird problem of "This campaign is not currently enabled" when it is enabled. 


I have lost 2 working days of advertisements. Worse I am going to lose this client. 


Google hi-tech - poor gateway

Google Engage for agencies - but can't resolve a serious problem in 30 hours. 


They are foolishly spending time and effort with India get online program instead of keeping the moola intact with the cash cow: adwords