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Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Today has not been a great day. I get home to find that none of my ads have been running today and that there is a supposed landing page violation on the URL that my ad campaign links to. 


This is the most vague email I have ever seen, one says that I am in violation of "user safety" and another says I violated a Landing Page policy. No further information in either of the two emails is given besides generic links that bring me to an unhelpful support page. 


The site is www.pwkeep.com.


See if you guys can find anything, but I see no problems with the landing page.

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Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi All, 


Technodude95 sorry to hear about all the trouble you've been having!


At Google our goal is ensure that users are protected. As DineshSEM mentioned, you should check the Software Principles pages and ensure that you have all that is required on your website. I took a look at the site and specifically can see that you're missing the End User License Agreement and contact details (address, phone number, email, etc). We want to make sure that users are able to contact you if they have any problems which I'm sure they won't! Smiley Happy 


With regards to the other discussions, we recently updated our requirements for websites to have a privacy policy. We recommend it from a user perspective but it's not required. You can find more information here


Once you fix your site ensuring that everything that is required on the Software Principles page is on your site, Technodude95, contact us via this form and we'll review and re-enable if appropriate. 






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Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Since you are running a software download site you never have an easy case with Adwords.


Since I do not have Windows, I can't give a good answer on any points regarding the installer, but since you are distributing a free tool AND you are using adwords to get traffic on it, maybe you are using a bundled-install?


This is not so uncommon (even softonic does it) but you are not allowed to do this though Adwords (Please Note: I have not checked your installer and am just asking).


2. I didn't see any End User License Agreement on your site. Maybe Google complains about this (If you are distributing under GPL, maybe add this)


Have a look at the policy in detail (http://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/bin/static.py?hl=en&page=guide.cs&guide=1308231&topic=131086... [or search for "Software principles" in the Adwords Help]


Hope my two suggestions can help you.

Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Hello Technodude95,


I'll suggest you to read the Google software principles  and make sure your website is following all these principles, make all these changes and then fill the Contact form for re approval of landing page.

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Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Yeah, the disclaimer link was messed up. I fixed that and now that's fine. (btw, the disclaimer link is found in the footer, bottom right)


However, even though the link had previously been messed up, that should not matter. I wasn't linking to the download page, so a disclaimer or lack of one should not have mattered because I was linking in the adwords ad to the home page. I still have yet to see anywhere were I am violating a landing page policy. 


To the other response, I am complying with those rules completely. And, on top of that, it is not packaged software, meaning that I don't distribute it with other software that is unnapproved or even approved by them. 



I really don't understand what I could be violating?

Re: Tradenames

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Top Contributor


You are using trade-names on your landing page and trade logos. Are you following AdWords policy about trade names?





Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Top Contributor

Hello. I don't see a privacy policy on your website, and you do have a contact form where you request personal information.




As of May last year, you are required to have one on your website.

Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Moche - Thanks for your insight. Am I really not allowed to use a picture of google and youtube on my website? I don't understand what the link you gave me requires me to do? Surely other companies have used google, blogger, and youtube logos on their site. How do I fix this?

AdWiser - I really don't understand why this matters. That's not only not a violation google said I was doing, but the contact form is not the landing page. My ad linked to the homepage of my site; the fact that I have a contact form on a different page shouldn't matter.

Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Technodude95, did you read this sentence on the page I linked to?


"If your site requests payment, financial, or personal information from visitors ..." (it has to do with the website, as a whole, not with the landing page alone).


Regarding your e-mails, you said "one says that I am in violation of "user safety"


and on the same page I linked to Google says "AdWords should be a safe, fair, and trusted marketplace for both you and the users who click on your ads. "


To me, they're related (the two messages), but if you think they're not, let's agree to disagree.

Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Top Contributor


You are using trade names (e.g : Windows, Mac, Linux, ) and trade logos on your landing page...

Re: Site Suspended on Adwords for Landing Page Vio.

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Hi Technodude95,


I really don't think the trademarks are an issue here. They are commonly used to indicate which platform on which the software will run.


But you do not have a privacy policy posted anywhere on the site. The "disclaimer" is not a disclaimer at all, it is a user agreement and terms of service. That's not at all the same thing. You do collect certain information on your site that requires a privacy policy be posted on your site if you are going to advertise with AdWords.


It is most likely the lack of a privacy policy that Google is calling a users safety issue.


Best of Luck!




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