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Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

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Hi there, 


Over some time i have been running my campaigns with around 15 keywords per ad group, whilst i was seeing results i also ended up having too much variation on my ad extensions which i didn't like, things started to not relate to the searches. Today i decided to divulge into Single Keyword Ad Groups, i have 2 questions for you:


1. Do i create new campaigns with one ad group in each one for the keyword i am working closely on? So in theory, i'll have the same amount of campaigns as ad groups but each ad group will have 3 keywords with different match types. 


2. I want to also target specific brands of laptops (i am in pc and laptop repairs), i have seen an ok level of searched for keywords like this: "Asus Screen Replacement"  |  "Samsung Screen Repair" - using SKAGs would every brand have to be in a seperate campaign? or is there a way of putting each brand into one ad group btu not have the problem of one keyword serving over the other. 


Generally speaking, if i have to create everything individually i presume this is where a lot of people steer away from using SKAGs?


I hope I've made sense in my post.


Thank you. 

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Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

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Hi there,


Use ad groups where your group of ads make sense for every keyword / search query the ads will show for.

Use campaigns for location targeting and budget. And organisation.


If they are all targeting the same location, and budget isn't an issue, make campaigns according to either brand or repair type.


Samsung > Screen Repair
Samsung > Screen Replacement




Screen Replacement > Samsung
Screen Replacement > ASUS


etc. It comes down to what makes sense for you. For some accounts, you decide on campaigns based on markup, keeping services with similar markups in the same campaign.


Re: Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

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Hey, thanks for your reply.


All the ads are indeed targeting the same location. I did actually try and put them into one campaign but i was getting errors saying a keyword was chosen over this one and another creative etc so i brought it back to individual campaigns. I have attached a screenshot (at the bottom) if you wouldn't mind taking a look. The campaigns that are paused are the ones i had running before i started working on the SKAGs - they were performing ok but i was wasting a lot of clicks due to irrelevant ads being shown for many different keywords in one campaign.


I am worried that i'll get this wrong where i've spend a fair amount of money on agents getting things setup for them to mess me around with money and not show results, really want to get to grips on this because it's my last chance, financially. 


One other question, i target areas by Postal code, not a radius but i still seem to get people click on with search terms outside of my area. For example, i work in a town called Romford but i will get search results for PC Repairs Nottingham which is a few hundred miles away! I have the setting for location like this:


Exclude 2017-06-14 09-23-59.png


 Many thanks!

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

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If those are all the campaigns you need, then it looks fine. It is only if you have dozens of campaigns that it becomes harder to get a bird's eye view of an account. If it is too difficult to see actionable information, many people put off optimising their account.


Regarding the location settings, someone searching for a product + place outside of your locations will serve your ads regardless of your settings. Just make a negative of "nottingham"and move on. 



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Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

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Target: People in my targeted location.


Exclude: People in, searching for or who show interest in my excluded location.


Your targeting is so restricted as is, you shouldn't have much volume to lose, so further restricting the advanced targeting hopefully won't do any harm.


In terms of SKAGs, it's not a SKAG if you have more than one match type of a KW in the adgroup. SKAGs can be a great tool, once you have identified your top performing exact match search queries. If you try to use broader terms with SKAGs, then you are defeating the purpose of the structure, by allowing less relevant queries to be triggered by the broader terms.


I consider SKAGs to be a "premium" tactic, and I only use them for premium search campaigns. It's worth the time to build the structure, because you "can't lose" with your premium campaign. However, that approach only works if you have value based conversion tracking in place, and you know what the most valuable all time exact search terms are. In your case, I don't see the need for all those campaigns, because all your campaign settings are the same, and none of these campaigns are reaching their budget. Furthermore, if you are not generating any impressions for any of these campaigns/adgroups/KW's, then I wouldn't consider them to be premium terms, and I wouldn't include them in my premium campaign. Or, take the time to build out a SKAG structure for those terms.


At the end of the day there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your account structure. What's best, is what works best for you. Smiley Happy