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Single Keyword Ad Group Negatives

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I want to know if what I've done makes sense for increasing quality score.  I set up two single keyword ad groups for a given phrase.  One of them was broad match. And the other as exact phrase match.


For the broad match I added the exact phrase match as a negative so that it would not advertise to exact matches.   My intent is for this to increase the quality score of the exact phrase match and not allow the broad match terms to drag down the quality score. 


Does this make sense?

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Re: Single Keyword Ad Group Negatives

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Hi Jonathan,


You have used the appropriate strategy for the adgroup with broad match keyword but i am a bit confused with the other adgroup.

You have mentioned it as exach phrase match but these 2 are different keyword match types(exact match and phrase match).

So if you have used exact match in this adgroup then there is no need to add any negative keyword in this adgroup as the ads will trigger only if the query is exactly same.(except close variations)
Note: Close variants include misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), abbreviations, and accents.


But if it is the phrase match then add is phrase match keyword as negative(in "phrase") of broad match adgroup as well.

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Re: Single Keyword Ad Group Negatives

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Hi Jonathan,


As said in your query you have used "exact phrase match" type of keywords, which does not exist in the adwords. Either you can use exact match type or phrase match type or broad match type, but you can't customize these types.


It seems that your concern here is to stop the cross triggering of the keywords from your account so that quality score and relevancy can be maintained. In  order to stop this you should always make use of below mentioned table.


Broad Match Adgroup   >>>>> Put exact & phrase match as Negative

Phrase Match Adgroup >>>>> Put Exact Match in Negative

Exact Match Adgroup    >>>>> Leave as it is


Hope this will help you.