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Simple Q: How to Know if Ad Is Not Showing?

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Hi everyone. I have a simple question that the answer I'm sure will be obvious once I go live with my first campaign:


If I'm bidding on a kw with only one other competitor, how will I know if my max bid is enough for my ad to even show? In other words, if my max bid is too low to exceed the minimum threshold for an ad to show, how will I know this once my campaign is live? How about before my campaign is live?


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Simple Q: How to Know if Ad Is Not Showing?

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Hi there;
A good place to start is the " Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool "
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Re: Simple Q: How to Know if Ad Is Not Showing?

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Yes as Moshe said you can use Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool . in a given time if you setup your targeting options correctly in the tool and search for your keyword you can see how and where your ad will be displayed in particular search.

Apart from that campaign tab - ad tab and hovering mouse over status bubble will show whether your ad being displayed or not.