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Similar Keywords Being Triggered from another Ad Group

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I certainly have an ad group setup for dog collars that includes match types and keywords like [shock collars], "shock collars" +shock +collars. Now, the problem I'm having is for a new Ad group I want to setup which targets people searching for 2 collars. 


For this ad group, I'm using "2 shock collars" and +2 +dog +shock +collars, etc but I keep getting an error saying this keyword is being used in another group. I obviously want my Ad Copy to differ from first ad group and my landing page will also differ. 


Is there anyway for to setup my these ad groups without this error appearing or should I carry on and ignore the error. 



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Re: Similar Keywords Being Triggered from another Ad Group

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Hi Reed L,

You could add the keywords from the first ad group to the second ad group as negatives. That will assure the right ad is served from the right ad group. You could still see the message. It's more of a warning than an error.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords