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Showing ads right now? NO

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I have this issue, that I am targeting banner ads to specific placement websites.

When I go to the tab for Display Networks > Placements 

I see the lists of sites I'm targeting

Then in front of each website I'm targeting there is a Status column.  There I'm getting a speech bubble with the word Managed underneath. When I click on it, I don´t see a reason, it only says: Placement:
Showing ads right now?


The responses I've read on this read have not been of help, because I am seeing this in the Display Network / Placements tab.

The responses I've read talk about the Ads tab, and there I don't have issues, it says approved.

Showing ads right now? NO

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Hi Dario,


There can be multiple reasons why your ad is not showing up on that website, check for the pointers I am writing down below:


1. Check for the budget status

2. Check for bids i.e. try increasing bids

3. Check for site category exclusion

4. Check if you have added any Ad Scheduling

5. Try adding some keywords, this might help trigger the serving


If all these things don't work, it best to reach out to Google support as they will be able to deep dive into your account and pull out the exact problem.